Adoption of the Fiduciary Role


Fiduciary Relationship

  • Person in a position of vulnerability vests confidence, good faith, reliance and trust in another whose advice or protection is sought in some matter.
  • Fiduciary legally obligated to act all times for the sole benefit and interest of the client.
  • Fiduciary judged by a standard of conduct and not by outcome or performance.
  • Fiduciary provides full disclosure of material facts and conflicts of interest.
  • 75% of consumers incorrectly assume that a financial advisor must act in a fiduciary capacity when managing their account.
  • Discipline, objective analysis, and lack of self interest required by a fiduciary should lead to investment returns that will outperform those engendered by brokered advice.


Daniel G. Mazzola embraces the role of a fiduciary when working with his clients.  He is completely independent and is neither compelled nor obligated to promote/sell any product or service.  As a fiduciary, he places clients at the center of his practice.  His success is based solely on the successes of clients, as all parties' financial incentives are aligned.